Kelly's Pub

Maguire U and The Final Five

Kelly's Pub is the lake front campus of Maguire University.

Maguire U. is a fictional educational institution established in 1963 for the sole purpose of obtaining tickets to the NCAA Basketball Championship.

With the motto “We Play Hurt,” and an official mascot, the “Jollymen”, Maguire University successfully supplied its founders and their Maguire “teammates” with NCAA Final Four tickets for two years while they made up excuses as to why their team didn’t show up to play.

The high jinks ended when the Chicago Tribune exposed the scheme, but Maguire University’s run to the Final Four didn’t stop there. The “alums” have been meeting ever since and still make an annual pilgrimage to the NCAA Final Four, our “Final Five” as they call it. Although they now obtain their tickets through legitimate means.

Maguire University has made the Final Five for 46 consecutive years. "It is quite the record," said Art Duffy, the university's president. Maguire University has made the Final Five every year since 1963.

Visit the official Maguire University website and sign up for next year’s freshman class.

Drink Specials

  • Monday: $1 Coors Light Drafts
  • Tuesday: $1.50 Bud & Bud Light Bottles
  • Wednesday: $2 Miller Light, Miller, High Life, Coors drafts & $3 Other drafts
  • Thursday: $3 22oz Miller Light, Bud Light, Coors Light
  • Saturday: $5 23oz Blue Moon
  • Sunday: $2 Miller Light Bottles & Becks